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Family Classes and Events!

We offer events and opportunities for adults and kids to play and create together. At special "Join in the Fun" classes and events familes can paint, create, build and have fun together. So often as parents we are either cheering our kids on, dropping them off, or checking our phones while we wait for them to be done. At Big Circle Art Studio, we believe in taking time to play and create together. Doing art together (with respect for art materials and boundaries) is an opportunity to witness and be present with your child without needing to change anything about what they are doing. We help guide parents and guardians in simply being with their children while joining in creative expression. Through this process, parents connect more deeply with their children, and with their own inner sense of wonder, play and creativity. 

All Art on this page by Noah (at age 5-6)!

Family Art Day and Art Show

Dec. 4, 2016 9:15-1:30

Free of charge (and included in class tuition)

For families and children previously or currently enrolled in our Thursday classes, Move it and Make it and Wild Art and Fun, and for anyone who wants to stop by! Kids' art work will be displayed, and everyone will get to paint! Be ready for snacks, silliness and suprises! Contact Jessica if you would like to volunteer to help create this event. We could use it!! 

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