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Near Blossom Hill Park in
Los Gatos, CA

Welcome to Big Circle Art Studio!

Where we think:

Art is:

  • process

  • creative expression

  • thinking out-of-the-box

  • exploration and discovery

  • learning art techniques and principles

  • using a range of materials

  • personal attention

  • making beauty

  • having fun



It's okay to:

  • be messy

  • make mistakes

  • try something new

  • take a risk

  • work with others

  • take your time

Our classes are small and offer lots of personal attention. Not only that, but kids move, dance, play and write along with making art!

All classes for kids are drop off unless otherwise indicated and are held in our home studio near Blossom Hill Park and Blossom Hill School. Please email for the address. 

Classes for Kids


Classes for Adults

For Families

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